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Investment in Fine Wine

Location : UK


Since 1988, this unique-consumption based market has seen an average CAGR of 12.9%. Fine wine investment boasts an outperformance of most major asset classes over a 10 year period and its low correlation to the financial sector supports its inclusion to any well diversified portfolio. Open to investors, this market is tax efficient benefitting from 0% CGT* and 0% Duty Tax and VAT.

This opportunity is run by Europe’s leading Fine Wine Investment Company; who build each investor a bespoke, diversified wine portfolio based on three key components of risk appetite, term and investment level. This allows the client to gain exposure to a historically low-risk, high-return market that is considered highly tax efficient. The investment is completely secure as the wine is stored in the clients named account at a Government Bonded Warehouse in the UK.

  • Full Title Ownership of Underlying Asset
  • Bespoke, Actively Managed Portfolio
  • 10-15% Expected ROI (based on 5 year hold)
  • Consumable Asset with Growing Demand / Shrinking Supply
  • No Lock-in Period / No Exit Penalties
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Tangible Asset Class
  • Tax efficient
  • Investment Managed by Market Leader
  • Minimum Investment £25,000

*CGT exemption depending on jurisdiction.