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  1. Malaysian property market is expected to see increased transactions during 2010
  2. Savills reports Singapore property prices to increase in 2010
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  4. Experts predict modest growth in Australian residential prices during 2010
  5. Chinese super-rich eye London homes
  6. Positive Sentiment Translates Into Increased Investment Volumes Across Asia Pacific according to DTZ
  7. Lifestyle Properties co-host Mike Balfour OBE investment lunch for The Hideaways Club
  8. Lifestyle Properties announce next Phuket Property Show at Indochine Empress Place on 25th & 26th Nov
  9. Is The Us Property Market Really Back On Track?
  10. Wealthy Malaysians now target International Property investments
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Alternative &
Eco Property

Property in this category could be in either developed and developing economies. Catch the investment cycle early and benefit from huge capital appreciation on pre development land and forestry plantations.

Self Storage Commercial Property Investment

Location : UK

The UK’s Self Storage Companies have seen the Highest Growth and Highest Yielding Returns within the commercial property sector over the last decade. We are pleased to offer the first affordable self storage commercial property investment to be released in the UK. The investment offers guaranteed returns from a 6 year lease already in place on completion, making this a high yielding, hassle-free investment which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s astute investor.

Pre-Development Land


Invest in solid ground through the purchase of strategically located pre-development land in the path of growth of major USA & Canadian cities. Projects provide full land title ownership from day one, medium to long term capital appreciation (with an audited 25%+ simple annualized rate of return on exited projects) and a secure exit strategy.

Carbon Credit Farming (CCF)

Location : South East Asia & Africa


A Bio-Diesel renewable fuel source from the ‘Green Oil Tree’ which provides an environmental solution for the depletion of fossil fuel sources and many industrial applications from pharmaceuticals to plastics. Grows in any warm climate from deserts to humid tropical environments. Provides annual returns from year two. Investment from

Forestry & Plantations - Bamboo

Location : Kabinburi, Thailand

The harvesting of traditional hardwood trees for commercial purposes is becoming increasingly more costly and challenging. Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant known to man and offers an effective substitute for the planets decreasing supply of hardwood. The high tensile strength of Bamboo makes it suitable for multiple uses from construction to furniture, food and paper products.  This long term investment  has a minimum investment of USD13,000 for high annual returns after 4 years.

Forestry & Plantations - Agarwood

Location : Sri Lanka

The Investment world’s best kept secret  - the most precious heart wood on the planet. Exclusive rights to revolutionary patented process using sustainable forestry plantations and applications with consistently high market value from cosmetics to medicines make this product an excellent medium term investment with targeted returns on investment of 20%.

Anvaya Cove Beach & Nature Club

Location : Philippines

Anvaya Cove provides the excitement of a stunning beach resort with  the tranquility of a mountain retreat. The unique combination of tropical features provides residents with the best nature has to offer. A commitment by the developer to preserve ecologically valuable areas  will ensure Anvaya Cove’s lush terrain is preserved. Situated 2.5 hours from Manila by car the development occupies 320 acres  with 3.5km coastline and two private coves. Anvaya Cove offers full resort facilities with sea, green and fairway view apartments with one to four bedrooms each with private verandah and high specification kitchen and bathrooms. Prices from 139,000USD to 760,000.