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  1. Malaysian property market is expected to see increased transactions during 2010
  2. Savills reports Singapore property prices to increase in 2010
  3. Fractional Ownership guide offered by World Class Group
  4. Experts predict modest growth in Australian residential prices during 2010
  5. Chinese super-rich eye London homes
  6. Positive Sentiment Translates Into Increased Investment Volumes Across Asia Pacific according to DTZ
  7. Lifestyle Properties co-host Mike Balfour OBE investment lunch for The Hideaways Club
  8. Lifestyle Properties announce next Phuket Property Show at Indochine Empress Place on 25th & 26th Nov
  9. Is The Us Property Market Really Back On Track?
  10. Wealthy Malaysians now target International Property investments
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House prices rise at fastest rate since January, says Halifax
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House prices rise at fastest rate since January says Halifax
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  • 1. Is now a good time to invest in Property?

    Traditionally real estate has proven to be one of the most efficient forms and most reliable form of investment - in our view it is always a good time to invest in property. However, the current turmoil in certain sectors of the property market has led to property prices being at a low and created an excellent opportunity for investors

    By buying now, especially with the due diligence criteria which all Lifestyle Property deals have passed means you are very well placed to take advantage of the growth that will come over the next 5-10 years.

    For some interesting data about investing in property, please visit our property statistics.

  • 2. Can Lifestyle help with finance?

    Through our sister company, Lifestyle Brokers, traditional and creative financing solutions are offered for not just your new purchase but also any existing properties. For more information please refer to property financing section.

    Need a mortgage for up to 75%? Contact us now

  • 3. Do I pay Lifestyle a fee for finding me a property?

    Lifestyle Property does not charge any finder’s fees or annual membership fees to clients. More importantly we do not inflate prices to generate income. All property investments are carefully considered and independent valuations ensure that you are paying below or at market value. Lifestyle Property will typically receive a marketing allowance directly from the developer and as thus you will not be paying fees twice.

    Need help with interior design? Contact us for further information.

  • 4. What is the buying process?

    After you you have found the the development to suit you, agree on the best available unit then complete a reservation form with your consultant who will guide you through the process to put the necessary finance in place prior to legal completion. Most developers allow 21 days from receipt of the reservation deposit to exchange of contracts and your consultant will advise you of all required payments against the property.

    Need help with legal representation? Contact us for further information.

  • 5. Should I visit the property/location?

    For an investment property this is not always necessary as it adds to the cost of purchase. By purchasing for an investment through Lifestyle Properties you can rest assured that it has satisfied our extensive due diligence procedure and ticked all of the boxes required for a sensible investment.

    What’s the right investment property for you?

  • 6. How do I find a tenant?

    This can be the biggest concern of potential Investors but need not be with Lifestyle clients. All of the properties brought to the market by Lifestyle Property will already have local letting agents in place to ensure that your property is let out as quickly and this is sometimes often in place prior to completion.

    By paying attention to detail and utilizing the services of experts in terms of design and lettings it goes a long way to ensure that you have a profitable and hassle-free ownership.

    Need help letting out your property? Contact us for further information.

  • 7. What return can I expect from my property?

    With the power of leverage property historically outperforms traditional asset classes on averaging doubling every 7-10 years. However, at Lifestyle we also ensure that the property financing is structured in the most efficient way. In doing this it is not unusual for the properties to provide you with a passive income on a monthly basis whilst still increasing in asset value

    Are your properties producing you as much income as they should be? Contact us for further information.

  • 8. What due diligence is carried out by Lifestyle Property?

    Our role is to source the best possible deals for all clients. At Lifestyle Property this is ensured through an extensive due diligence procedure to ensure that every development ticks all the boxes to meet your investment objectives. Macro economics, developer stability, financing and location and are just some of the Due Diligence issues that we address before marketing any property.

    Would you like to discuss a strategy for your property portfolio? Request a call back now.

  • 9. What is shared equity ownership?

    Shared ownership is essentially partial ownership of a property. With this type of ownership, a property is owned and shared by at least two, and often several, individuals. This type of ownership is popular with holiday homes and resorts and allows you to benefit from ownership usage and privileges without the concern of only using for a few weeks or months of the year.

    Do you want a holiday home without the burden of costs/repairs and upkeep? Contact us now for further information.

  • 10. Can I source these properties myself?

    Most of the developments which we market will be exclusive to investors and such are not available to the public directly. As much as it is possible to purchase investment property independently it is a very time consuming exercise and many people cannot prefer to rely on a professional company to do this. In addition to this with the level of due diligence carried out on all properties and the turnkey solution offered you will often find that the best investment opportunities are with Lifestyle and you would not be able to source such a complete solution alone.

    Need help finding the best investment property for you? Contact us now for information on what is currently available.