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  1. Malaysian property market is expected to see increased transactions during 2010
  2. Savills reports Singapore property prices to increase in 2010
  3. Fractional Ownership guide offered by World Class Group
  4. Experts predict modest growth in Australian residential prices during 2010
  5. Chinese super-rich eye London homes
  6. Positive Sentiment Translates Into Increased Investment Volumes Across Asia Pacific according to DTZ
  7. Lifestyle Properties co-host Mike Balfour OBE investment lunch for The Hideaways Club
  8. Lifestyle Properties announce next Phuket Property Show at Indochine Empress Place on 25th & 26th Nov
  9. Is The Us Property Market Really Back On Track?
  10. Wealthy Malaysians now target International Property investments
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House prices rise at fastest rate since January, says Halifax
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House prices rise at fastest rate since January says Halifax
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Alternative & Eco

This category focuses on property in large cities across developed markets such as the UK, Australia, Europe and Asia. Properties can be in either primary or secondary markets which we categorise as low – medium risk in their quest to deliver both capital appreciation and yield.

Property in this category will be in developed or developing European & Asian countries with the emphasis being on holiday destinations for lifestyle enhancement. Whether it’s for personal usage, investment or both you can rest assured that all the boxes are ticked.

Property in this category could be in either developed and developing economies. Catch the investment cycle early and benefit from high levels of capital appreciation on pre development land and forestry plantations. Secure exit strategies are in place from day one.


The philosophy at Lifestyle Property is to assist our clients to create ‘Wealth through property.’ We do this by bringing you a continuous selection of the best property investments from around the world. We undertake a thorough due diligence process and take advantage of global opportunities allowing you to build an efficient portfolio that maximises capital appreciation whilst at the same time offering excellent rental yields or an enhancement to your lifestyle.We only select the best and focus more on quality than quantity, this means that we are likely to have no more than 15 select developments at any one time.

Lifestyle Property is a member of The Business Class Group of companies and is a sister company to Lifestyle Brokers Limited.